Why Learning Clarinet Online is Better

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Today, I want to argue how learning online can be superior to the old-fashioned way. I’ve dedicated all of my working hours to teaching clarinet online. I truly believe it’s the superior medium, at least until VR lessons become the norm!

5-minute preparation and 5-minute pack-down

Time is all we have. Spend it wisely! I remember when I learned clarinet at university I lived about 90 minutes away from where I had my clarinet lessons, and, on more than one occasion, I would be in transit when the lesson was canceled. More than once per year my lessons were also scheduled at the same time as street parades or protests – necessitating a 2-hour time budget to get to and from the lesson… this was before podcasts made public transit so tolerable!

Perhaps the first few online lessons you had were not the smoothest affairs – things can go wrong – but the same would be true of learning IRL also. At least no student has ever spent two hours trying to log in to Zoom before her lesson, I hope!

In 2022, even modest home internet plans boast 100 Mbps downloads and 10 Mbps uploads. Zoom recommends at least 3 Mbps download/upload bandwidth. Likewise, webcam and microphone technology has come a long way. For many, everything they need to have a great online learning experience is right there at home, ready to go!

Screen and app sharing

I have digitized my entire clarinet library. Between Musescore.com, 8-notes.com, IMSLP, and my library, the likelihood of us not being able to locate a text quickly is low. Contrast that with the meat world: not having the necessary sheet music at hand is a daily disappointment for many students and teachers.

Choice of teacher

Music teachers are no different from every other professional in the world; there are good ones and bad ones. Even if you believe that your village-clarinet-teacher is worth his/her high fees, there’s still an unacceptable probability that s/he will not serve you as well as the better options who teach online. It’s a miracle of modernity that there are so many clarinet teachers – who show their work online – and can offer you so much.

Lower cost

Learning online is usually cheaper for several reasons.

First, consider commuting. When I taught in Melbourne, Australia, I charged $100/hour because the dollar/opportunity cost of traveling between students’ houses was truly prohibitive. Today, I can wake up and be ready to teach in 30 minutes! Secondly, teaching online enables me to live in countries with a lower cost of living. In the past, clarinet players like me all lived in big expensive cities, and to live and support their families, had to charge large sums for their time and efforts. Third, I’m no economics professor, but the market for online learning is very competitive. Students who want to learn clarinet online have a lot of options; far more than they would have in their hometown. Sure, the village clarinet teacher is probably fine, but now you can find the teacher who’s perfect for you. Today, online clarinet teachers must compete on price and quality. Not ideal for us, but wonderful for the students!


When I am employed to teach minors, I know an enormous amount of trust has been bestowed upon me by their guardians. The fact remains, though, that having a camera in your face has been proven to encourage good behavior. Most teachers I know are more than happy for their lessons to be screen-recorded.

Fewer distractions

Lessons in schools, at teacher’s studios, or in students’ homes, can be plagued with distractions. I have paid $150/hour for unprofessionally delivered lessons. I’ve been taught in cramped, cluttered rooms, with the teacher’s infant children crawling around, on more than one occasion. Adorable, but definitely distracting!

I can’t make promises for all online teachers, but I can guarantee that distractions originating from my end, during my lessons, are exceedingly rare!


Nostalgia towards, and a preference for, IRL lessons is understandable. I think, though, that most people would enjoy online lessons just as much if they had the right teacher and made the little effort it takes to make it work. I have taught clarinet online and IRL – for over ten years. If I had to choose only one medium, I would choose to teach and learn online any day.

TL;DR: online learning is better because:

– less time is wasted before and after lessons

– students can enjoy the benefits of powerful digital learning tools

– students have a greater variety of teachers to choose from 

– lessons tend to cost less

– teachers are more accountable

– students endure fewer distractions

Happy practicing!

Liam Murphy

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