Good question!

First, picture regular online music school lessons: grainy image, poor audio, unreliable internet connection, a teacher with three jobs besides online teaching, no between-lesson help, we could go on…

At LCO, by contrast, Liam has dedicated 100% of his professional efforts to fix every problem with online clarinet lessons.

LCO students enjoy: 

– HD image from multiple cameras
– HQ audio from several studio microphones
– a teacher who is an online-learning specialist and veteran
– HD recorded lessons uploaded to the drive
– exclusive access to learning materials through Google Drive

LCO spares no expense in ensuring its students receive the clearest looking and sounding online learning experiences. 

No. Students should be 100% happy with their teacher before committing to lessons. If you wish to proceed with a term of lessons through LCO, there will be an enrolment form and an invoice. Simple!

After much experimentation, LCO now operates completely though Google Meet (Meet). 

I dedicate much of my work-day to digitally corresponding with my students (and students’ parents/guardians). 

A 60-minute-lesson then radio-silence before the next one is the usual way clarinet is taught, but not the best way, in my opinion. 

I offer ongoing email-support for students who purchase lessons in bundles. I love talking clarinet so never be shy to shoot me a question : )

Liam has worked in a large variety of musical ensembles (from symphony orchestras to Swiss folk bands).

Check out the LCO Instagram page in the footer of this website to get an idea of the genres Liam likes to play and teach!

LCO currently operates from Turkey (GMT+3).

GMT between 0600-1600, Monday to Friday, are LCO’s operating hours. 

This is a benefit for students who commit to a full year of LCO (36 lessons).

These students receive, over the course of the year, at least 5 video ‘micro-lessons’, tailored specifically to them.