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How to Fight Performance Anxiety

Disclaimer: when I use the phrase Performance Anxiety (PA) I am referring to everyday musicians’ performance anxiety. This post is relevant only to people with garden-variety PA. This PA might be common, but it is not a small problem by any means Before I finished my undergraduate degree, I would rate my PA experiences as […]

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How to Play Clarinet Every Day

One of my favourite authors, Scott Adams, described his exercise regimen on his podcast this morning. He’s a pretty high-achieving guy, so one might suspect his system was sophisticated and goal-oriented. It wasn’t. Mr Adams simply wakes up, drives to the gym, and walks in. That’s it. If he takes a look at the weights

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Why Learn Clarinet?

Skip to the end for the TL;DR There are many careers, hobbies, and side-hustles in this world. People who decide to take up the clarinet, or decide to make clarinet their profession, are rare. This begs the question: why choose to spend so much energy learning to play the thing? First, the clarinet is a

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